Ola massive,
Here a list of artists who we ll be promoting for bookings and their dub prices:

  • -Fire Lion “Bazzle King”:150€
  • -Sicq Up: 85€
  • -Karamanti: 85€
  • -Propally: 85€
  • -Ranking Joe: 200€
  • -Sugar D: 150€
  • -Skarra Mucci: 200€

Added for dubplates:

  • -Chan Dizzy: 250€
  • -Charley Blacks: 250€
  • -Nahswitch: 175€
  • -Shaka Pow: 130€
  • -Rage: 85€
  • -Higher Purse: 85€
  • -Gott-Yo: 85€
  • -Iya Ingi: 85€
  • -Lady Chann: 120€

Here you go few sound samples. More to come soon.

Any demands feel free to email me on address below or contact the website.

All dubs will be delivered within 14 days and money stays in my hands(Gent, Belgium) till dub arrives. This is a project of Bass Tune Crew & Original Red Alert. Any questions feel free to email me on If anyone wanna hear a sound sample of a made dubplate from the artist email me. Once we are in contact Iwill give full information(personal data) to ensure their will be no fuk-ups and no loss of money.
Hope some feel like supporting the veterans and local youths.


Checkout the dubsales page for more info

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