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Message from the Molotov:

We zijn open vanaf 23h30. We warmen op met dj surprise en dan komen die gasten van Bass Tune Crew weer af. Brave huisvaders dat ze zijn komen ze toch eens buiten op oudejaar.
Influenza en squatta sluiten af voordat de nieuwe lading komt afterparty’en om 10u met gratis vat!

See you there !

Rise And Shine

While this must have been the hottest Rise And Shine New year party ever, it was also the one with the least attendees.
Though it was a very nice and fun party.

Thanks to everyone who showed up!

Newyear 2008-2009

Hope you all ready for this one!!!!

Freddy & Franky will add a touch of Gypsy/Worldmusic to make this party complete.

Sky-Fire will make us trimble upon the Dub basslines.

Bass Tune Crew, Abu Naim, Pirates Crew will light up di dance with Hip-Hop/Reggae/Dancehall.



Bashment time.

Greetz MadMonkey


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