Mano Mundo Mix

As the turntables were broken and the sound of the second dj setup was really bad we could only play CD’s. The only CD we had with us (luckily in duo), was our dubplate cd. So we played 50 minutes of dubplates on a bad sounding mixtable.

So to make up for that here is the set we wanted to play at Mano Mundo 2011. (ps: right click the link and ‘save as’ to store it )

By the way, very strange that the master sound from that dub sound I wont name was very good, and that when we had to start there was a 10 minute problem resulting in BTC that could not play, it’s a pitty for all the sounds and the ruppelsoldaten that the second setup was really crap.

But that aside, thanks for letting us play.

2009 Promo mix

The BTC 2009 Promo mix.      Check the Download page.

warning explicit content, not for sensitive ears. Play it LOUD!!! Intended for promotional use only | like the music? buy the music!

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